Training Programs & Workshops on ISO Standards

Customized Training Programs

Our experts focus on production excellence, variation and defect reduction, lean production techniques, customer satisfaction and cost reduction within all components of production and delivery processes. They work with the key personnel of the organization who are responsible for landing the changes to ensure that the changes are incorporated and continuously improved.

At Bizipro, we believe that aligning the key resources to vision and goal is a critical success factor to achieve excellence and continued skill upgradation is one of the effective methods for achieving this.

Our training programs and workshops are customized for an organization taking into consideration the training goals and participants’ profile for maximum effectiveness.

Training Sessions


Effective & Efficient Training

Bizipro’s interactive training sessions keep the trainee engaged throughout the course of the training fostering a more receptive to new information. Our training programs bestow ways for our experienced faculties to impart knowledge and experience. Another advantage is our in-session feedback to trainers on how well the participants are learning and to improvise accordingly. The goal of Bizipro is to improve all employees’ performance and thus improving the bottom line. Our training focus on the individual needs of the participants thereby focusing of the organizations needs.



Our Trainers are with many years of hands-on experience behind them and are experts in various aspects of Total Quality Management and Business Excellence areas.

We have experts from various industries with expertise in manufacturing, design, quality, IT to name a few.

With a well defined structured approach, our trainers ensure that there is a maximum take away for the participants.


Approach to Training

Bizipro’s training programs are customizable according to the needs of clients. We do not believe in a pre-defined approach. Our trainings can be in the form of a single unit or multiple units. Through our internal assessment, we ensure that irrespective of the methodology, we deliver the best training programs in an effective and efficient way.