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Bizipro Infotech

Bizipro Infotech

IT & Digital / Social Media Marketing

BiziPro Infotech is software development unit of Bizipro and offers business process improvement applications and IT related services to its client.

Our in-house software team provides variety of software related applications that act as one of the catalyst in their journey towards systematic improvement of business performance.

We also provide customized digital marketing solutions to customers from different industry verticals.

The Mangosteens

The Mangosteens

A Language Translation Firm

The BiziPro is the group concern of The Mangosteens which was formed in Cochin, India, by a group of professionals in 2011 with the aim to provide quality translation services.

With unparalleled experience in translation services, we strongly believe in "Communicate, Comprehend, Connect with the understanding of our clients’ business objectives".

The Mangosteens offer scalable, self-paced solutions that cater to various verticals.

Software Development


ERP, Mobility Enterpise


Custom Web Applications, CMS


Mobile Applications - Cross Platform - Android, Apple & Windows


Digital Marketing - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


SEO - Search Engine Optimization


SEM - Search Engine Marketing (PPC Advertising)


SMM - Social Media Marketing (PPC Advertising)