SA 8000 - Social Accountability
BSCI - Business Social Compliance Initiative
SA 8000 - Social Accountability International
Sedex - Supplier Ethical Data Exchange
SA 8000 - Social Accountability International Certification Procedure


BSCI, Business Social Compliance Initiative – An initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA).

The Business Social Compliance Initiative is a leading business driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in their global supply chain.

BSCI audits are not restricted to any particular sector, product group or service activity. A special module for food and primary production (farms) has also been implemented by BSCI.

Target constituents of BSCI are producers and exporters who are based in risk countries and supply their products to at least one BSCI participant.

Key Features of BSCI


Audit Result - No Certifications

The BSCI is not a certification system and therefore does not issue a certificate. The cover page of the audit report outlining the results and the validity of the audit can be displayed in the factory premises and be used as proof of the audit results.


2 membership systems

BSCI has two membership systems. “Ordinary membership” applies to retail, brand, trading and importing companies with an active role in the supply chain which integrate their suppliers into the BSCI auditing and qualification process. “Associate membership” applies to any companies, associations and institutions without an active role in the supply chain which support the initiative but do not implement the BSCI process.


Track Non-Compliance

A BSCI database provides information on the profiles for all of BSCI’s participants’ suppliers and on their auditing results. This information avoids unnecessary and costly multiple audits and tracks non-compliance issues thereby highlighting where training of suppliers is necessary. This data is also used to evaluate the concrete results of BSCI’s activities year on year.


Active role & Capacity building activities

BSCI is a participatory platform where all participants are invited to play an active role to further develop the BSCI system and its services.

BSCI is active in capacity building activities and strongly engaged in stakeholder relations.